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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Hi! I’m Johana Williams, and this is Joha’s Table!

I decided to start this blog after my husband persisted that I share my stories and recipes with the world – and the name, “Joha’s Table?” Well, what better place is there to talk about life and food than at the dinner table?

So why are my stories and recipes worth sharing? Well, I think it’s because of my unique experiences in travel and the styles with food that I’ve learned. I’ve been all over the world – growing up in Barquisimeto, Venezuela and Mexico City, Mexico; and I spent six years in Southeast Asia and have traveled throughout Europe.

My husband grew up in the Southeast region of the United States feasting on soul food and has spent a lot of time in New Orleans, Louisiana, a city known for their food and stories. He has traveled to and from Africa and has picked up on many different flavor profiles everywhere he’s gone, as he too loves to cook.

So if you’re interested in food and learning new recipes (or old recipes with a new twist), or you love different cultures and stories of travel, then stay tuned to Joha’s Table!

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