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Dalgona coffee!

Going back to my series “Coffees of the world” here is: Dalgona coffee!

This is the new trend in these quarantine days.

This coffee is originally from South Korea, and has been making its way across the Internet globally.

I have to admit that as somebody who grew up in a venezuelan family where my grandma grained fresh local coffee every morning for breakfast and evenings (el cafecito de la tarde), instant coffee has never been my favorite, its bitterness is too overpowering to me.

Though I am aware that in some places this is the type of coffee most people have, and that's ok.

With all that said, Dalgona Coffee has changed my mind about instant coffee, because it is delicious, smooth and super easy and quick to make!

Try it at home! Here is the recipe. 😊

Dalgona coffee


2 tbsp instant coffee

2 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp water


Mix all the ingredients in your stand/hand mixer (2-3 minutes) or with a manual whisk (10-15 minutes) until it is smooth and thick enough to stick to the whisk - the more your whisk it, the more it will aerate and the thicker it will get.

Serve on top of a glass of milk (and ice if desire) or water.

Stir and enjoy!

Tutorial video!

Share your experience with me, tag me #johastable

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